Greetings friends-

I have several things to share with you:

First: As many of you know, I am no longer able to do the large animal work which has been my passion for so many years. I am no longer 25 and invincible, I am in my late 50’s and have had far too many injuries and close calls. I am thankful to be healthy and fit, but have been informed in no uncertain terms that I cannot afford to get injured again! That I am held together with “duct tape and baling wire” as it were, and that if I get hurt again, they might not be able to get me put back together again. I will miss being out with you, as I value all of the people with whom I have built relationships over the last decades. I am not retiring, but rather changing focus to small animal practice.

Second: We had a fire in our clinic building the morning of Oct 8th. While our portion did not burn, thankfully, and no people or animals were hurt, there is significant smoke damage and contamination. Until the building can be “Haz-Mat” tested, cleaned and cleared for re-occupancy, we will not be able to access the contents of the clinic. This impacts you (and us) in several ways:

  • we cannot refill or verify prescriptions
  • we cannot access our medical records
  • we cannot do exams or diagnostics
  • we cannot do surgery

I am sincerely sorry for the inconvenience this will undoubtedly create, and will diligently work to expedite the restart of services.

Third: We are working to locate an alternate, temporary site from which to work. As soon as we locate one, and can assess our current building, we will begin cleaning records, equipment and supplies, so we can open for limited operation. Our best estimate is the first week in November. As we have more information, we will continue to post it on our website and on our Facebook page. When we are able to open, we will let you know.

While this is neither the manner or timing we would have chosen, it will enable us to complete a remodel and expansion we had been planning for some time. Since the building will need to be stripped down inside to “mitigate” the smoke damage, we can combine the restoration and remodel project. The best estimates we have for being able to have the restoration and renovation project finished are early to middle spring. We are looking forward to being better able to serve you and your critters.

Sincerely, Rob Lydon DVM